PostArctica: Light – Jam Report #11

At 5pm you can see it is still light out and that has always been a liberating experience for me, that first day of the 9-5 drudgery where you walk out and there is a sliver of light still in the sky at 5:01 and the world just somehow seems like a better place, that ...

A Novelist's Mind: Lilian Nattel Online: Moon and Autumn Leaves

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A Novelist's Mind: Lilian Nattel Online: At The Breaking of Day

Day broke, a liquid egg: Filed under: Light

A Novelist's Mind: Lilian Nattel Online: Sunrise

Photo by Lilian (click to enlarge) And then this: a gift freely given every day. Clouds floating on a sky like water. Fire above, mysteries of home below. Filed under: Light Tagged: spirituality

ParliamANT Hill: Wacky Wednesday on ParliamAnt Hill

Inspired by these headlines:   and

Things Are Good: Nifty Looking Glow in the Dark Paths

Saving energy is always a good thing, and sometimes that means turning out the streetlights. As a result, pathways go unlit and this can be problematic for cyclists and pedestrians. Enter a new surface treatment that glows in the dark for free night time illumination known as Starpath. Seeing that local city councils were increasingly ...

cartoon life: Looking back 1 v.2

I think I fixed the composition problems from the first version. Looking back on Vernazza in the Parco Nazionalle de Cinque Terre, Italy. Filed under: art Tagged: art, Cinque Terre, good stuff, italy, landscape, light, mountains, seascape

The Disaffected Lib: Stopping Light or Stopping Time?

I don’t get it but apparently German scientists managed to stop, or I suppose “arrest”, light for one full minute.   In light speed, that’s about 18-million kilometres. While light normally travels at just under 300 million metres per second in a vacuum, physicists managed to slow it down to just 17 metres per second in ...

cartoon life: Cat in blinding bright light

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cartoon life: Lampshade in filter fun

Some more fooling around in Popsicolor. The results are so dramatic. Just don’t know what to do with them with the image is so strong. Playing with a flat colour field yields some interesting textures and abstractions. Filed under: art Tagged: filter, Lampshade, light, Popsicolor

cartoon life: The lamp above the couch

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Things Are Good: LED Street Lights Save Los Angeles Millions

Four years ago Los Angeles decided to change its street lighting to LEDs and the results have come in and the savings are phenomenal. They have converted a little over half of all their street lights and are already saving $5,325,793 annually in lighting costs. It’s worth noting that LEDs use 80% less electricity than ...

mark a rayner | scribblings, squibs & sundry monkey joys: Dreamscapes: The Stars Go Out

In the dream, we know something is wrong when I notice the constellations have all disappeared. All that remains in the night sky is the deep black of space, and a few sets of stars — in triplets and doubles, … Continue reading →