Chad Koh: Protect our shared resource: Step up for the net!

Tech leaders like Chad are stepping up to help us save the open Internet. Check out what he has to say, and learn more at Article by Chad Koh The internet is like the sea, a vast and shared resource that we all depend on. Unfortunately we do not have anything like UNCLOS to help protect ... The Internet is at a turning point and here’s some good news

Hi there, I’m Chris Malmo, a grassroots development coordinator at OpenMedia, and it’s my job to help our community interact and communicate with our team. It’s been a big year for your OpenMedia team, but I’d like to step back and think about the movement we’re a part of and what it all means. As ... Last day to win big!

Today is the last day to share YOUR vision for sharing and collaborating online. It’s also the last day to win one of our amazing prize packs. Don’t delay, go to right now, use the drag and drop tool, then share to win! read more Happy new year from all of us at OpenMedia!

From all of us at OpenMedia, we wish you a very happy new year! There’s a lot going on this year, starting with renewed TPP negotiations in January that could break our digital future. We’ll be staying vigilant and fighting hard this year — and we can only do it with your support. We hope ... How the open Internet inspires us all!

Authored by Micaela Evans, Volunteer Communications Assistant at A few months ago, your team sent a survey to our most active supporters – YOU. We had a fantastic response with over 2,300 people taking the time to send us detailed feedback. We’ve recently compiled the results to find out what YOU believe are ... Happy Holidays from your team at OpenMedia!

Happy Holidays from your team at OpenMedia! A special thank you to Danielle Gannon for helping us put together this gingerbread house. Be merry, stay safe, and have a fantastic holiday season! read more 2013: We did all this together, Canada!

Here are just some highlights from our work last year: Standing up to Big Telecom: read more By popular demand: now accepts Bitcoin!

OpenMedia is thrilled to announce that we’re accepting Bitcoins! You can now donate bitcoins directly to our organization at What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a decentralized, peer-to-peer, electronic currency built on cryptography. It is unique in that it is not controlled by governments or banks, and only a fixed number of Bitcoins will ever ... See what we’ve achieved together & help support the fight to safeguard the open Internet!

TO OUR COMMUNITY: Look at how far we’ve come together! With you, we continue to achieve a lot – but the need for our work remains. Learn more about our campaigns to safeguard the open Internet at – and please, consider becoming an ally to help support our work: We rely on your ... Our power comes from you

My name is Jason Hjalmarson and I’m’s Grassroots Development Coordinator. Part of my job at OpenMedia is to lead our December Fundraising Drive. Since joining the team last summer, I have been humbled and inspired by my colleagues’ dedication to defending the free and open Internet. A fierce commitment to crowdsourcing and horizontal decision ... Citizen participation will open the possibilities of our digital future would be nothing without its community – that much is certain. Our entire job is to amplify your voices: to engage people in issues that affect our digital future, and to provide information, build online tools, and facilitate discussions that empower you to influence decisions that will affect your communications freedoms, rights, and interests. ... These ideas = success

We are constantly amazed, but never surprised, at what the pro-Internet community can accomplish when we work together. With a couple clicks and a few keystrokes, we can share our thoughts across the world at 300,000 km/second. That’s pretty incredible when you step back and think about it. The Internet gives us great power to ... Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, warns against governments taking control of the Internet

The inventor of the World Wide Web warns that companies and governments are trying to take control of the Internet, undermining the founding principles of the web. He is calling on all web users to demand better legal protection and due process safeguards for the privacy of their online communications, including their right to be ... Thank you

While we continue pushing back against government imposed online spying, we want to report back and thank the community members who stepped up recently. Back in May we sent you an appeal for an ad targeting the lead decision-maker behind the secretive and extreme Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). As you probably know by now, the TPP ... This won’t last

You won’t believe this. We just found out that anti-Internet lobbyists are hosting happy hour parties in Washington to increase their influence over key TPP decision makers.1 They’re sipping cocktails and literally making their careers out of criminalizing our day-to-day Internet use. But we have a unique opportunity to push back if we act fast… ... That’s amazing

Over 138,000 of you worldwide have spoken out against the TPP’s global threat to Internet freedom. That’s amazing and our voice is getting stronger – but as we gain momentum lobbyists are also ramping up the pressure for Internet censorship rules though closed-door meetings with our government representatives in Peru. Now, we’re taking the next ... This is your plan

“We absolutely could do it for less – we choose not to.” That’s what Wade Oosterman, president of Bell Mobility, told regulators.1 We’re winning and they know it. That’s why big telecom giants Rogers and Shaw created a pact to take over scarce wireless spectrum resources.2 They’re trying to take the rug from under all ... Looks like we won

We did it! The Conservative government has killed online spying legislation Bill C-30! If passed, the bill would have provided access to your private online information without a warrant, and you would have had to pay for it. Justice Minister Rob Nicholson announced on Monday, “We will not be proceeding with Bill C-30 … We’ve ... You could be part of it

You have a chance to join tens of thousands of other Canadians in a critical moment in telecom history—but we have to act quickly! You may have noticed OpenMedia commenting in the news1 about how Canada’s largest mobile provider, Rogers, has found a way to obtain key public assets that were actually supposed to be ... Why I support OpenMedia: Your stories

As part of our yearly December Allies Drive, we reached out to you – our OpenMedia community – to find out how you became engaged with our digital rights campaigns. Now, we’re telling your stories as ours continues to take shape. Please take a moment to read through these stories about what compels Canadians to stay engaged ... We only have 24 hours

This email is your last chance to support our work at this crucial time. We are so close to hitting our goal of $30,000 for matching funds from indie ISPs Distributel and Teksavvy, but we won’t get there without your help. Please join us as an Ally now before our special matching funds program ends. ... We’re working for you

With your support we’ve been able to share your cell phone horror stories with decision-makers at the CRTC, bring your messages directly to officials behind the TPP, and continue in amplifying Canadian voices on an international level. Cory Doctorow, co-editor of Boing Boing and digital rights activist, had this to say: “At a time when ... What I told those behind the biggest threat to Internet freedom: The Trans-Pacific Partnership

Thanks to all of you who have joined us at OpenMedia in our campaigns, last Friday I had the opportunity to address some of the lead bureaucrats and lobbyists behind the threat to Internet freedom that is the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). My goal was to bring the voices of Internet users to their attention and ... Why I support OpenMedia: Christina’s story

We asked our community to share stories about why they support our work as part of our yearly December Allies Drive. Christina Bub of Ontario had this to say: “OpenMedia does all the leg-work – they tear down the hurdle that prevents people from taking action, so their campaigns reflect the true number of like-minded ... I’m sharing my story with you

We asked supporters to share stories about why they support our work for our special December Allies Drive – our yearly drive for monthly donors. This story, from Christina Bub of Ontario, was one of our favourites: An open and free internet is a clear path to a wonderful future full of potential we may ...