The angst of a progressive.

Over the last week we have seen someone who had tried pull in progressives into a very un-progressive party be raked over the coals. For issues of arrogance and otherwise, Alison Redford has been the target of much acrimony, anger, and angst. This angst has been by both her party and the progressive voter in Alberta. ... Alberta Politics: “21 per cent of all respondents were undecided.”

21% of Albertans, according to a Leger poll, are undecided as to who they would support in an election. So who is going to convert these 1 in 5 Albertans? It’s not the Wildrose. They’re a known quantity, for good or ill. Nor will it be the Progressive Conservatives, racked by scandal and ebbing in the polls ... Bite the Bullet, Redford

  You know that State of the Province address that Ms. Allison Redford made tonight? About the “bitumen bubble”? A party and a government can only be coy for so long. Either you raise taxes or cut services to millions of Albertans. Or both. You can’t make a balanced budget exist out of no where, although ...