centre of the universe: Museum Games

The road to home was frightful But the whiskey was quite delightful Home we did not go Let it snow, blowing snow, blowing snow. His Nibs and I had a mini-versary last night when there were DIRE WARNINGS about the state of the highways around the city. It was all very Stephen King. “RCMP advise ...

centre of the universe: Feral

I hadn’t expected to get into a fight with Silent Winged Coyote. It just kind of happened that way. He was upset with me, though, because I kept beating him on all the games of chance. It was uncanny, really. … Continue reading →

centre of the universe: Fionnlach

Madeline stops dead in her tracks when she opens the door. The man in the doorway is tall, strong-built, with wire-rim glasses and a shaved head. He carries a case of beer under one arm. Madeline’s mouth is still hanging … Continue reading →