PostArctica: Victor Lane

Took a walk down Victor Lane the other day. It runs behind the north side of Wellington from Strathmore down to Hickson. There are three lanes in Verdun that have names. Can you name the other two? Fire Escapes on the back of the old Palace Theater building.

PostArctica: Snowfall

Snow is a bitch to get right, be satisfied with…but we go forth anyway despite snowblind and other temporary post processing afflictions..

Walking Turcot Yards: Verdun Lanes – Winter

All of these were taken behind Wellington street between 1st and 2nd on the Verdun side. On different days – wink!  

Things Are Good: NYC Mayor Bloomberg Loves Bike Lanes

As Toronto fights smart planning and removes sustainable transportation infrastructure (indeed, paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to do so), New York City Mayor Bloomberg continues to espouse how great bike lanes are. In NYC they have added a lot of miles of bike lanes and found local business get more business, neighbourhoods become nicer, ...