Writings of J. Todd Ring: CNN lies, distorts, while its own polls tell the truth: Bernie won the debate

CNN’s own polls show Bernie Sanders won the Democratic presidential debate last night, Tuesday, October 13, 2015, hands down. When CNN polled, and asked “Who won the debate?” 83% of people said Bernie Sanders. 83%. Yet, CNN headlines are splashing the big, bold message, Hillary wins debate by landslide. Can the media be any more ...

350 or bust: Saturday At The Movies

Nature is kinda powerful, something that we industrialized humans seem to have forgotten. Nature, however, bats last. This video from Baltimore was posted May 1st and a day later it had almost five million views. * Lethal Storms Flood Eastern, Central US; Heat Scorches West Climate Change May Make Lethal Mudstorms More Common  

LeDaro: Lanslide and Good Luck Indeed!

This driver was indeed very lucky. Watch! Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

calgaryliberal.com: CTV News: “Trudeau takes leadership by landslide”

In this CTV News segment Justin Trudeau, the Conservative attack ads on him, and a clip of Vincent’s interview on Justin Trudeau’s leadership are showcased. Click here to access the 1:47 segment.

calgaryliberal.com: Harvey Locke Wins Liberal Nomination with 58% of the Vote

With membership tripling in the month and a half of campaigning, four strong candidates, and a positive campaign to win the nomination for the Liberal Party of Canada in Calgary-Centre, the race for the nomination has come to a close with Harvey Locke as the Liberal nominee.   Pulling it in a landslide of 58% ...

LeDaro: Amazing video of Landslide in British Columbia