OPSEU Diablogue: Outbreak equals opportunity

It’s the things that go wrong in the health system that often preoccupy us. While we frequently look for big answers, it is often in the everyday efforts that real change is taking place. In the past we have seen … Continue reading →

OPSEU Diablogue: Funding “reform” has CEOs chasing hospital mergers

In a perfect world hospitals would be publicly funded to meet the health needs of their communities. That would be it. When the government started talking about funding reform, the thinking was that at last we would be moving closer … Continue reading →

Those Emergency Blues: “We Don’t Care What’s On Your Head. We Care What’s In It.”

So there’s this thing in Quebec which I’m sure my Canadian readers have heard of and maybe also a few of my American readers, which involves the Quebec government devising some legislation called the Charter of Quebec Values. I have to say “charters” and “values” are nice happy positive words, and Quebec is filled with ...

OPSEU Diablogue: Secrets: Responsibility for diluted chemo cocktails may be tied up in secret contract

Who is responsible for the unexpectedly diluted chemotherapy cocktail that more than a 1,000 cancer patients received since February 2012? And will we ever know when aspects of the story are being treated as safely guarded secrets? The issue has been … Continue reading →

OPSEU Diablogue: Mortality Rates: Report suggests hospitals may be gaming the system

Ranking the performance of a public hospital has always been fraught with danger. Hospitals have much at stake with the release of performance data, including everything from funding allocations to the bonuses received by top executives. Let’s say there is … Continue reading →