BigCityLib Strikes Back: Quebec Mayor Stephane Gendron Hates Israel, Hippies, And Kittens

This time around its his cat hate getting him into trouble: According to reports, Huntingdon, Que., Mayor Stephane Gendron said that he tries to kill stray cats while driving his pick-up truck. The SPCA is on his ass the way Meir was when he bad-mouthed Israel.  That protest set Stephane all a-grovel.  Apparently this one ...

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Conrad Black Wants You To Know He Loves Kittens

Clearly, he is bent on Evil. Incidentally, have any of my readers actually eaten kitten?  If so–how is it?  I’ve heard its like a cross between Unicorn and Elf.  If so…UMMMM!