LeDaro: Jimmy Fallon Lampoons Rob Ford’s re-election bid

It is very funny.

In This Corner: 12 thoughts about Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World.

1. Americans are overwhelmingly the world’s most influential people. I count 63 of the 100 as American. This certainly reflects America’s dominant position in the world, and the fact Time is an American publication 2. No Canadians made the list of most influential people in the world, not even Justin Beiber, with his 38 MILLION ...

LeDaro: Jimmy Fallon Spoofs – Mister Romney’s Neighbourhood

LeDaro: Jimmy Fallon on Romney ‘47 Percent’

LeDaro: Barack Obama on prostitution scandal in Columbia

Obama appeared on Jimmy Fallon show. One of the questions Fallon asked him was about his security staff and prostitution fiasco in Columbia. He called security staff involved knuckleheads. Interesting exchange.