Alberta Politics: The Jason Syndrome: Conservative candidate melts down about Hollywood star turn in bid to derail NDP strategy that’s working

PHOTOS: Conservative carbon-tax foe Jason Kenney in a screen shot taken from his recent Facebook video. Actual best experiences may not result as promised from turning on the sound. Below: Hollywood actress Jane Fonda aboard a helicopter somewhere over Fort McMurray. Just what is the pilot pointing at? Below her: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Alberta ...

Casting genius: Jane Fonda to play Nancy Reagan in new flick

Most casting decisions these days are flat out puzzling. Take the upcoming ‘On the Road’ for example. Playing the lumberjack all-American Kerouac is a ferrit-faced Brit. The voluptuous MaryLou is played by androgynous Kristen Stewart. Empty-headed Kirsten Dunst is tackling sophisticated Carolyn Cassady. It’s all a bit of a maddening casting-against-type horror story. But this bit of casting