BigCityLib Strikes Back: Global Warming Denier James Delingpole Gets Ass Booted Out Door

Word is the UK Telegraph (the Torygraph, as they call it) felt he was an embarrassment.  And of course, in his sign-off column he admits he knew nothing about science.  Something most of us figured out long ago. Although I would also suggest he’s pretty ignorant even for one of us English grads.

DeSmogBlog: Donna Laframboise Flown To Australia By Climate Science Denying Think Tank

delinquent.jpg CANADIAN blogger and climate science sceptic Donna Laframboise has flown off for a tour of Australia to tell anyone willing to listen that the world's foremost body on climate change, the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, is something resembling a shambling mess. Laframboise's trip has been organised by free market think tank the ...