The Canadian Progressive: What the Vancouver transit plebiscite means for millennials

The Vancouver transit plebiscite offers the opportunity to build the ideal city for millennials, argues freelance writer and photographer, Rhi Myfanwy Kirkland. The post What the Vancouver transit plebiscite means for millennials appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

The Canadian Progressive: Event: The Inconvenient Truth About Harper’s Canada

In Ottawa this evening, prominent authors Michael Harris and Donald Gutstein will discuss the “inconvenient truth” about Stephen Harper’s Canada. The post Event: The Inconvenient Truth About Harper’s Canada appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

Death By Trolley: What issue do you wish you cared more about?

There are a lot of important moral/political/pragmatic issues. Far too many for one person to even be aware of, let alone be informed on and/or personally active in addressing. I believe that you cannot choose your interests or your passions. You can decide to try to get into something -e.g., by talking to people who ...

The Scott Ross: We Need Uninformed Voters As Much As We Need Informed Ones

Just as you need a brain and a heart, a country needs voters who know the issues and voters that don’t. As the election for the American President looms, after months, if not years of campaigning, countless ads, two debates so far (not counting the twenty or so for Mitt Romney), and four years of ...

Canadian ProgressiveCanadian Progressive: UN recognizes wildlife crime as threat to rule of law

UN recognizes wildlife crime as threat to rule of law (via World Wildlife Fund) New York – Poaching and the illicit trafficking of wildlife products were raised on the floor of the United Nations General Assembly for the first time Monday during discussions on strengthening national and international governance. World leaders gathering in New York ...

Canadian Progressive: ‘Payback’: A Doc Inspired by Margaret Atwood’s Book

Canadian writer Margaret Atwood’s book, “Payback: Debt and the Shadow Side of Wealth”, is the basis for this riveting doc by filmmaker Jennifer Baichwal.

Canadian Progressive World: Activist Communique: The Slackers Guide to Activism—Superhero Style

Submitted by JEN MESZAROS My name is Jen, and I’m creating an activist group in vancouver to increase the community’s participation in world issues–such as exposing Monsanto, Arctic drilling by Shell, the impact of Stephen Harper on Canada and the proposed pipelines. Our group plans to bring attention to issues through street performances, music, art ...

CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE WORLD: Anderson Cooper: “The Fact Is, I’m Gay”

A couple of years ago, a friend swore to me that the CNN’s Anderson Cooper was gay. And that it was a matter of time before he came out. I argued that Cooper would be gay only after he’d publicly confirmed that he was gay. The essence of the conversation is that my friend I ...

CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE WORLD: The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur On Obama’s “Kill List” (VIDEO)

Aly Ssa Canadian Progressive World mentioned. The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down President Obama‘s “Kill List” of terrorists targeted for assassination through drone attacks. Obama approves every name on the Kill List. He reviews the bios and the evidence against them. And then he authorizes “lethal action without hand-wringing.” Without due process. ...

CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE WORLD: US anti-immigrant group blames immigrants for global warming

Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS), an anti-immigrant group, blames Mexican immigrants for increasing carbon emissions in the U.S. The group bases its startling claim on a bogus report by the nativist Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), which is linked the … Continue reading →

Canadian Progressive World: Wikileaks: Stratfor spied on grassroots activists in Canada and US

Today WikiLeaks began publishing The Global Intelligence Files – more than five million emails showing the inner workings of Statfor, a Texas-based “global intelligence” used by large corporations to monitor groups fighting for a just …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: ANONYMOUS: Canada Should Scrap Bill C-30, Fire Minister Vic Toews

In this YouTube video, activist hacker group Anonymous is demanding the resignation of Canada’s beleaguered Minister of Public Safety, Vic Toews. The group also calls for the dictatorship-style online surveillance bill C-30 to be scrapped. …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: Willie Nelson & Our Beautiful Sustainable New World

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