They Call Me "Mr. Sinister": A Few Good Signs

It looks at this point as if the Europeans may have gotten their act together (for the moment). I choose to take joy from small victories. However, I am not confident in our own government. They are talking the same way they were talking in late 2008, as if everything is normal and deficit fighting ...

They Call Me "Mr. Sinister": As We Drive Perilously Close To The Edge Of A Cliff

Jim Flaherty says, “Drive faster!”. Flaherty is, of course, utterly wrong. And we are totally fucked.

They Call Me "Mr. Sinister": Poor Paul Krugman

I rely on him for accurate economic analysis. I may have to stop going to his page though. It is hard watching someone you admire, sink into despair. That is the problem with actually seeing what’s going on, but being powerless to stop a coming disaster. And it is going to be a disaster on ...

They Call Me "Mr. Sinister": QOTD

From Krugman, who else: And don’t believe the nonsense about the benefits of spending cuts that has taken over much of our public discourse: slashing spending at a time when the economy is deeply depressed would destroy hundreds of thousands and quite possibly millions of jobs. Of course, our government will ignore this and we ...

They Call Me "Mr. Sinister": Sure, It’s A Great Time To Cut Government Spending

Just before the housing boom goes bust. Start hording food supplies, this is going to get ugly.