The Canadian Progressive: The role of NGOs in Africa: are they a force for good?

Some critics argue that the neo-liberal policies advanced by powerful non-governmental organizations, NGOs, limit states’ influence and sovereignty while benefiting NGOs. In Africa, NGOs also place Africans at the mercy of donors. The post The role of NGOs in Africa: are they a force for good? appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

OPSEU Diablogue: Nicaragua Day 7: Some bumps along the road

SANTA MARTA – We were thankful for the rain. Without it we would have been forced to choose between the dust or the heat on the small Toyota bus as we made our way to Santa Marta. In Puerto Cabezas, none … Continue reading →

Paulitical Satire: The UN Fails us Again

A symbol for an end to violence So, i’m on the progressive side of most things Paulitical, you’ve probably noticed that by now. I’m pretty up front about it too, as evidenced by this, this and this. Thus, when I think about the United Nations I know that I’m supposed to support a one world government, ...

Art Threat: KONY 2012 and the mischievous media habits of slacktivists

Video still from Kony 2012. I was swamped at work last week, when I took a little Twitter break to see what was going on in the world. My feed was bombarded with what appeared to be a video gone viral, called Kony 2012. Even celebrities like Rihanna, Taylor Swift, and Kim Kardshian, you know, ...