Alberta Politics: Inside baseball: Legislature picks Speaker; Albertans to get first glimpse of NDP policy Monday

PHOTOS: Opposition Leader Brian Jean, at left, and Premier Rachel Notley, far right, drag the new Speaker, Medicine Hat MLA Bob Wanner, to his chair, a tradition dating to the days when chairing the Legislature wasn’t as desirable a job as it is today. Below: Another shot of Mr. Wanner, like the one above provided ...

bastard.logic: From The ‘Things I Don’t Miss’ Files

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bastard.logic: Jacked from the 140 (Because sometimes that’s all you need)

Fox News North’s @kinsellawarren puts down his 30 pieces of silver to spank @fernhilldammit for consorting w/ teh enemy — Matthew Elliot (@matttbastard) April 9, 2012 Seriously, dub tee eff?

bastard.logic: Holiday Weekend Link Round-up (Or, Yes, I WAS too lazy to write something original. Deal.)

What you should be reading this holiday weekend, in lieu of spending quality time with your family/loved ones (like yrs truly will be a little later): – Open ass, insert head: Dave, Cathie, Dawg, pale_, and Orwell’s Bastard, on the latest iteration of ‘Progressive Bloggers [sic] journey to the centre of their colons’ (solidarity w/ DAMMIT JANET!) ...

bastard.logic: On Strike? Nope. I’m back.

@fernhilldammit @DrDawg @Heading_West @Prog_Blog You’re supposedly adults too. Witch hunts against fellow progbloggers is so 2006. — Saskboy K. (@saskboy) April 6, 2012 Some things (and some douche-sombreros) never change. Y’know what else is “so 2006″? Blog aggregators. Cough.* But enough about buggy-whips and the fauxgressives who stubbornly wield them (along with equally-antiquated notions re: ...