Alberta Politics: News Satire: U.S. will not tolerate foreigners acting like Americans, officials say

ILLUSTRATIONS: A map showing some of the countries in which the United States has interfered in the political process (grabbed from Below: U.S. CIA Director John O. Brennan, Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump. The United States will not tolerate the countries of the world acting like the United States, ...

Things Are Good: Turning Trash Into Health Care in Indonesia

Indonesia has a rather large number of people on reactively small landmass and as a result solid waste has become a problem. Enter Garbage Clinical Insurance which is a company focussed on turning trash collection into health care. It’s a simple solution insofar that people who can’t afford to see a doctor can bring in ...

Art Threat: The Act of Killing: My family lived through it

Editor’s note: Christine Phang has recently written a contextual analysis of the Oscar-nominated documentary, The Act of Killing. After we read her essay we asked her to give us her opinion on the recent attacks on the film that have been levied by BBC honcho Nick Fraser. Fraser is extremely influential in the documentary world, ...

LeDaro: Stephen Harper in Indonesia attending APEC meeting.

Interesting dress.

LeDaro: The fashion show

Now this is called fashion. Beat this U.S and Canada. ORNATE: A model showed off an outfit at the Jember Fashion Carnival in Jember, Indonesia, Sunday. (A. Rochman/Xinhua/Zuma Press)

From Orangutan: Dear Laura Coppens and Angelika Levi,

Anak-Anak Srikandi/ Children of Srikandi Official Trailer from Srikandi Films on Vimeo. It is admirable that your film, Children of Srikandi, is the first to address the lives of queer women in Indonesia. You are creative and pioneering.