The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Policy and sausages #nlpoli

People like to think the world we live in is run by some sort of magically rational process and the folks in charge are all much smarter than the rest of us. This brief sketch from an early Simon Pegg television series is actually much closer to the reality some times than any of us ...

The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Tree Politics #nlpoli

From your humble e-scribbler’s yard,  the province’s political parties as revealed by trees. First, we have the Conservative Party. Knows it’s a tree Lots of branches down below.   Up at the top, a few little shoots who some times look like they are on top. The truth:  no matter what it looks like, there ...

The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Language Problems #nlpoli

“Increasing taxes is not about solving the deficit, it’s about maintaining our programs and services that we have.” That’s what Labrador and aboriginal affairs minister Keith Russell told the handful of people who showed up for the government’s pre-budget consultation in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. The Conservatives are perturbed that the turnout for these sessions has ...

The Sir Robert Bond Papers: “Independent” Review #darknl #nlpoli


The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Danny to fire publicists? #nlpoli

Someone organized a stunt designed solely to gain publicity and no one invited the Old Mullet Hisself to huff and puff and pose for the cameras. Clearly, the people handling Hisself’s publicity should be fired. S-H-O-T. Fired. Frankly <shoulder twitch>  I gotta tell ya. </eyeroll> -srbp-

The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Mr. Speaker, Mr. Speaker … #nlpoli

The Telegram noticed: By the end of question period on Tuesday, only an hour or so in, the words “Mr. Speaker” had been uttered 142 times. One of the worst offenders? Premier Kathy Dunderdale answered 11 questions that day, with 31 “Mr. Speakers,” including lines like “Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker, the Leader of ...

The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Who farted? #nlpoli

Finance minister Jerome Kennedy took his budget “consultation” roadshow to Corner Brook the other day.  Former finance minister Tom Marshall showed up to help.  Tom has run more than a few of these farces so he could lend a hand if things got tough. Well, all that was one thing. The other thing is the ...

The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Too amazing to believe #nlpoli

Every day in Newfoundland and Labrador, the news is like some kind of perpetual, live edition of Ripley’s Believe it or Not.  Here’s a sample of what your humble e-scribbler learned on a sick day: Why would a member of parliament visit his own riding?  Only in Newfoundland.  Or in this case Labrador. A mayor ...

The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Conservative Rorschach Test: Part Four #nlpoli

“Pegasus Flying From Quebec”   -srbp-

The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Conservative Rorschach Test: Part Three #nlpoli

“Two Quebeckers”   -srbp-

The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Conservative Rorschach Test: Part Two #nlpoli

  “The NDP”   -srbp-

The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Conservative Rorschach Test: Part One #nlpoli

“Quebec”   -srbp-

The Sir Robert Bond Papers: The Steve Kent Rule #nlpoli

The MFers seem to be testy these days. They like to challenge people who aren’t keen on Muskrat Falls about something called facts. Facts, as you will quickly discover, are what the MFers call anything Nalcor has used in its marketing campaign to sell the project. Things that Nalcor doesn’t include in its marketing are ...

The Sir Robert Bond Papers: If they don’t stop it, we’ll go blind #nlpoli

You have to wonder sometimes how far Tory politicians will go to issue a good news comment of some kind during the time when the government pollster is in the field. They are the only ones who do this, apparently, as part of the Tories’ organized effort to skew public opinion polls and then crow ...

The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Common sense – the rarest element #nlpoli

There’s a tee-shirt.  This one is from zazzle And it is true. Common sense is so rare these days it should be classified as a super power. It would be subject to the Roommate Agreement’s friendship rider. Just sayin’. – srbp –