Politics and its Discontents: In Pursuit Of Answers

Yesterday’s post featured the thoughts of my sister-in-law, Ruth, on how to restore humility and a sense of proportion. This morning, she alerted me to the following, a fitting complement to that post. If you liked the above, this one is even better: Recommend this Post

Politics and its Discontents: Restoring Humility And Proportion

One of my main nightly rituals is to watch one hour of television news. The first half-hour is devoted to both a local and a regional station, while during the second half-hour I generally watch NBC Nightly News, sometimes switching back and forth between it and Global National. Such a practice usually provides me with ...

We Pivot: Here Is The Most Important 2 Minutes of Your Day

Roll up your sleeves. Remind yourself of your key principles. Monitor your humility. List again the areas where you want and need to do the work. Share with fellow worker-activists, build each other up. Plan a visit with them. Build … [Read more]

calgaryliberal.com: Liberal Crybabies

So the other day I found this article popping up on my feed. In this article Liberal leadership candidates Ms. Murray and Ms. Coyne allege that the party is “undermining” the leadership election process by keeping the supporter lists of each candidate separate until March 3rd — some six weeks before the actual vote for the Liberal leadership. ...