Montreal Simon: Ramadan and the Story of Ibraheem

As you may know, Muslims around the world are preparing to observe Ramadan, a month of fasting and religious reflection.And it comes at a difficult time.What with the horror in Gaza.And the rise of anti-Muslim bigotry everywhere including Canada, where scuzzy hate mongers like Ezra Levant make a living peddling hatred against them.So to try ...

Scripturient: The last walk

“You have to go to the pound. They have a Sheltie there.” Susan called me from work, her voice urgent. One of her clients had told her a Sheltie – Shetland Sheepdog – had been picked up by Animal Control and was in the pound, on Stewart Road about to come up for adoption. She ...

Dead Wild Roses: 6 Minutes for Syria – A Look into the Crisis

Our corporate news media is very good at keeping inconvenient facts away from the public eye.  A six minute video, by definition, cannot provide many startling revelations, but rather a starting point to become informed and hopefully take action. Filed under: International Affairs Tagged: Humanity, refugee crisis, Syria

The Canadian Progressive: David Suzuki: UN climate talks offer hope for humanity

As talks continue at the Paris climate conference, David Suzuki sees “signs of hope for an agreement to limit the escalating effects of global warming” and a more constructive role for Canada. The post David Suzuki: UN climate talks offer hope for humanity appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

Montreal Simon: What We Can Learn From the Ruined Cities of the World

I've always been interested in ruined cities, from those buried in the sands of Egypt to those like this one in the jungles of Belize.For beyond the thrill of exploring them, I'm fascinated by what they tell us about the follies of humanity.And what we can learn from them, at a time when the very ...

Dead Wild Roses: Oooo..Context.

Us humans seem to have trouble keeping the big picture in focus while we faff about feeling important about ourselves.  Mother Nature just doesn’t have time for us or our problems.   It is nice to be reminded of that periodically. Filed under: Education Tagged: Context, Humanity, Mother Nature

Politics, Re-Spun: Ending Homelessness: Easy If You Simply Care

If we are a caring society. If we acknowledge that there are a myriad of reasons why a community’s homeless population is homeless. If we thought we should invest our tax dollars and take advantage of good research, good experience, good pilot projects and professionals to address homelessness and other problems. If we were interested ...

Dead Wild Roses: Christians, getting it right.

Okay, religion might not poison everything.   Christians attend a gay pride event apologizing for the crummy behaviour of many of their churches. And the response… Thanks Buzzfeed for a little pick me up today. Filed under: Housekeeping Tagged: Christians getting it right, Humanity, It ain’t all bad

Walking Turcot Yards: Beached Dolphins Dragged Back in Water In Brazil

It’s from last year but still resonates with power.

The Scott Ross: Dehumanizing Humanity

The more we call a murderer an animal or treat a hero like a god, we not only dehumanize them, we dehumanize ourselves. What differentiates us from animals is our higher consciousness, treating any other person like a wild animal to be put down or a deity to be worshiped strips them of their humanity. ...

Walking Turcot Yards: Home

This is where we come from and what we are doing. It’s not nice, it is mindboggingly stupid. Maybe it all just boils down to brain chemistry, one insanely little microscopic flaw that prevents us from really seeing anything at all…

350 or bust: Hopes For a New Year

We all have dreams and hopes for a better future. It is good to remember that there is more that connects us than divides us. Let’s hope that 2013 is a time that we the people remind our elected representatives of this fact.

The Scott Ross: Understanding The Mechanics of Human Nature

In regards to defining who we are, for all the importance we place on immaterial feelings, it is ironic that what is thought to make us human is that what makes us the most mechanical. Just as hearing a small baby laugh makes us instantly smile, seeing a poor elderly widow cry makes us correspondingly ...

350 or bust: Saturday At The Movies

Happy people dancing on Planet Earth, from Matt Harding’s “Where The Hell is Matt?” YouTube video series. Touching and fun. Humans the world over have more in common than we have differences. * To read Matt’s interesting story, go to the   Where The Hell is Matt? website.

Dead Wild Roses: Carl Sagan – On Irony

Yea us! *sigh*   Filed under: Science Tagged: Carl Sagan, Humanity, Irony