Babel-on-the-Bay: Doing without the politicians.

This Ontario resident missed Treasurer Charles Sousa’s budget yesterday. Not that we shunned his budget. The day involved 12 hours at the local hospital. Given a choice we would have preferred to be strapped down and forced to listen to Charles’ budget. Do not get all excited out there: it was the wife who needed ...

OPSEU Diablogue: Tory health platform review: Direct promise to scrap LHINs, CCACs missing

Curiously after months of saying they’ll do away with both the Local Health Integration Networks and the Community Care Access Centres, both direct promises are conspicuously absent from the formal Tory election platform. That doesn’t mean they will stay in … Continue reading →

OPSEU Diablogue: The best of Diablogue in 2012

It’s time for us to take our seasonal break and wish the best of the season to all our readers and posters. Next year will be challenging for health care activists as hospitals continue to shed services to balance their … Continue reading →

OPSEU Diablogue: Who is that guy?

Hey – who is that guy on the Diablogue flag? His name is Harjinder Sangha, more familiarly known to us as Harry. He works as a OR Assistant at Mackenzie Health (formerly York Central Hospital). Sangha is also on the executive … Continue reading →

OPSEU Diablogue: Thunder Bay lags behind other hospitals in fulfilling freedom of information request

Evidently some hospitals have kinks to work out in their processing of Freedom of Information (FOI) requests. In mid-February we sent out requests – along with an initial $5 fee – to 20 hospitals to look at how the ratio of … Continue reading →

cmkl: Dirty hospitals: horror shows about cleaning, cutbacks and privatization

CBC Marketplace has a really compelling exposé of the effects of cutbacks to and privatization of hospital cleaning. Astounding. Cleaners who used to have responsibility for one floor now cleaning three. People given 15 minutes to clean a room that normally takes an hour.