Willy Loman: Nothing mysterious about gods followers

This is a picture of Stephen Woodworth, the Harper conservative MP from Kitchener Ontario who instead of facing total humiliation with the rejection of his private member’s bill and ending his backdoor attempt to revisit the legality of abortion, is using his mother’s impending death as an excuse for not bringing his bill to parliament. ...

Willy Loman: Picture of an idiot

This is a picture of Larry Miller the Harper conservative MP from rural Ontario, who would like Canada to consider leaving the United Nations because of its criticism of the Harper government and he is an idiot.

Willy Loman: Fat Ford favors feeding frenzy

According to this CNET report on Rob Ford’s decision to remain obese… the mayor felt increasing pressure from the public stemming from his promise to lose pounds, with more than a dozen photographers and cameramen hovering for each weigh-in. Yeah seriously, you do not want publicity for a PR campaign that you even built a ...

Willy Loman: The March estimates are in.

And why is this man smiling. March shortfall year over year increases by $2.85 billion DND increases March spending 55.4% to 3.85 billion and on the revenue side. Personal income tax revenue increases 10.5% Corporate tax revenue declines 8.4% Oh yeah, that is why he is smiling.

Willy Loman: A night of one liners

The hardest part about getting back on line is actually giving a shit about what this government says or does at any moment in time. At night, reading my news feeds I sound like Randy Travis screaming I told you so, I told you so. Well the screaming part sounds more like Carrie Underwood, but ...