Dead Wild Roses: Understanding Women – The Dummy’s Guide

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Dead Wild Roses: ARadical Feminist Gingerbread Person – Rancom

I’m sure you’ve all seen the other types of gingerbread people floating around there mixing and mingling sex and gender, and generally making a hot mess of things.  Check the link for analysis of the evolution of the gingerbread person and the information included/excluded along the way.   Here is the version of that gingerbread ...

Dead Wild Roses: Radical Feminism Versus Conservative Ideology

It is a comparison that is floating around more and more as the po-mo authoritarian left is stifling debate and silencing criticisms of people who happen to be against their unique vision of reality.  We have here a helpful chart to compare and contrast the positions of the two parties in question. Glad we could ...

Dead Wild Roses: Media Reinforces Patriarchal Norms

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Dead Wild Roses: The DWR Sunday Easter Disservice – Contradictions you have Swallow.

I appreciate the hard work Matt Barsotti has done over at Jerico Brisance in putting together this lovely infographic, just in time for Easter Sunday. 🙂  Get the PDF here for clarity and future reference purposes. Filed under: Religion Tagged: Christian Foolishness, Christianity, Easter, Helpful Infographics, The DWR Sunday Religious Disserivce

Dead Wild Roses: Helpful Infographic – Painkillers.

A few bits of information on the assortment of pain medication available to us. See the PDF here in all its bigness.   Filed under: Medicine Tagged: Helpful Infographics, Medicine, Painkilers

Dead Wild Roses: You Can’t Say That in English! – Untranslatable Words.

  I’m a big fan of the German word – whenever I pick up tools, verschlimmbessern is often the result. :> [Source] Filed under: Education Tagged: Ethnosphere, Helpful Infographics, Language, Things You Can’t Say In English

Dead Wild Roses: Feminist Thought of the Day – The Third Wave – Gail Dines

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Dead Wild Roses: Spot the Problem?

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Dead Wild Roses: Breaking News(?):Bible Rife with Contradiction.

Shocking. There has been a poster knocking around that illustrate every contradiction (with footnotes) in the bible.  I’m posting it here as a resource so not only can we tell the deluded that their magic book is inconsistent, we can show how inconsistent it actually is with a pretty picture. Filed under: Atheism, Religion Tagged: ...