Politics and its Discontents: Some Critical Thinking About The War Against ISIS

Contrary to what governments want their citizens to do, that is precisely what the following Star letter-writers are engaging in as they ask the right questions and point out what should be obvious about the war on ISIS terrorism: Chantal Hébert overlooked the sanest voice in Parliament when she analyzed the stands of the three ...

Politics and its Discontents: Be Careful What You Wish For

Despite the polls currently showing majority support for Canada’s joining in the war against ISIS, the Prime Minister may find that its enthusiasm for such futile adventurism is short-lived. Perhaps, after the next election, Mr. Harper will find that he has some time for that long-deferred fishing trip? H/t The Globe and Mail Recommend this ...

Politics and its Discontents: Penetrating The Fog Of War

Yesterday, in response to a picture I posted quoting Herman Goering on the ease with which people can be manipulated into war, Scotian, a frequent commentator, responded to the picture, offering his analysis of the Canadian reaction to ISIS. I offer you his comments, always insightful, for your consideration: Sadly, I am forced to agree. ...

Politics and its Discontents: Sounds About Right To Me

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Politics and its Discontents: Economic Fact Check

Contrary to what our self-described economist Prime Minister would have us believe, the jobs that are being created in Canada today are but a pale echo of what once existed. Responding to a January report about the creation of 29,000 new jobs, Star readers have this to say: Jump in jobs eases economy fears, Feb. ...

Politics and its Discontents: A Scientist Speaks Out

By now, the plight of government scientists is reasonably well-known. Despite the Harper propaganda machine’s vehement campaign to deny the practice, more and more Canadians have become aware that the regime has been systematically muzzling its scientists, whose research and hard data frequently contradict and expose as lies the ideology that passes as truth in ...

Politics and its Discontents: Oh I Can Think Of So Many Ways This Is Relevant

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Politics and its Discontents: Leaf Nation, Or Just More Tired Rabid Harper Partisanship?

Some may think this clever. I just think it is pathetic (and I’m not even a fan of the Liberals). Recommend this Post

Politics and its Discontents: This Can’t Be Healthy

As deeply suspicious and cynical as I am about institutions, it is probably not surprising that I view with a jaundiced eye the events surrounding the arrest of two terror suspects accused of a plot to blow up a Via Rail train. Many have asked questions about the sudden urgency of Harper’s rearranging the parliamentary ...

Politics and its Discontents: Harper Becomes An International Embarassment

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Politics and its Discontents: For Your Further Consideration

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Politics and its Discontents: Harper Hate-Mongering

The latest attack ad, this one against newly-appointed Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau, serves as a timely reminder of the Harper government’s seemingly endless capacity for hateful and divisive propaganda. In this, I make an all-too obvious observation. But I have, for some time, wondered about the audience for those ads, and searching my blog ...

Politics and its Discontents: Pernicious Effects of Harper Politics on the Young

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Politics and its Discontents: Conservative Attack Ad – UPDATED

I suspect many will agree that this ad says more about the Conservative Party behind it than it does about its subject: UPDATE: This Star editorial provides some useful context for and analysis of this attack ad. Recommend this Post

Politics and its Discontents: Harper Subversion of the Civil Service

That the Harper regime uses a myriad of tactics to exploit, manipulate and deceive the Canadian public through its propaganda, demagoguery, and demonization of those with contrary policy views has been well-chronicled in the media. Epithets like ‘Taliban Jack’ and the denigration of Thomas Mulcair and the NDP for “their dangerous economic experiments” are but ...

Politics and its Discontents: Canadians: Dear Leader Requires Your Uncritical Attention

To absorb and spread this message. Watch, learn, and heed: Ignore the ugly rumours spread by enemies of the state that Dear Leader advocated this policy in 2008. Recommend this Post

Politics and its Discontents: A Q&A With Allan Gregg

Many thanks to Accidental Deliberations for providing information on this Q&A with Allan Gregg, a good companion piece for his Assault On Reason article/speech. This Hill Times article on Gregg’s thesis is also worth perusal. Recommend this Post

Politics and its Discontents: Propaganda From Vic Toews

There are two letters of particular note in this morning’s edition of The Toronto Star, one a propaganda piece from our much beleaguered Minister of Public Safety, Vic Toews, the other from Ron Charach, who seems to possess a certain perspicacity in his assessment of the Conservative government. I am reproducing both below, with a ...

Politics and its Discontents: The Folly of Corporate Tax Cuts

Part of the orthodoxy of right-wing ideology is that corporate tax-cuts are an unalloyed benefit to the economy. The argument goes that the lower the tax regime, the more jobs that are created. While that ideology has been proven patently false in Canada, for those seeking some well-reasoned arguments the next time a ‘true-believer’ captures ...

Politics and its Discontents: Is Oil Our Economic Salvation?

Interesting, isn’t it, that despite the propaganda coming out of both Alberta and the Prime Minister’s Office about oil being the economic engine and saviour of Canada, that our Western friends are finding themselves experiencing some economic malaise? Recommend this Post

Politics and its Discontents: Tory Attack Ads Against Mulcair Begin

And like the good Pavlovian creatures the Conservatives assume the electorate to be, they eagerly await our unbridled panic. Recommend this Post

Politics and its Discontents: Discouragements to Democratic Participation

The litany of abuses, even crimes, against democracy committed by the Harper regime is indeed long. Probably the gravest damage done by this regime, and I believe the damage is intentional, is to alienate increasing numbers of citizens from the electoral process. In his column today, Bob Hepburn, in writing about the renewal of attack ...

Politics and its Discontents: Crass Manipulation About Iran’s Nuclear Intentions

Those who believe that the public is being as crassly manipulated about Iran as it was by the lies that served as prologue to the Iraqi invasion will find two recent articles of interest. The first, entitled No defensible reasons to attack Iran, by Gwynne Dyer, pierces many of the fallacies being used to incite ...

Politics and its Discontents: The Latest On The F-35

While the militaristic Canadian Conservative regime, led by flyboy fan Steve and aggressively supported by his Defence Minister, the dishonourable member from Central Nova, continue to champion the acquisition of the F-35 as Canada’s next big toy, it is apparent to almost all who keep themselves informed that the plane is both inappropriate for our ...