Cowichan Conversations: Liberal Joyce Murray, Green MP Elizabeth May and NDP MP Nathan Cullen Have All Called For Co-operation On The Centre-Left!

Richard Hughes- Political Blogger The Chinese curse is upon us. ‘We live in interesting times!’ Although the origins of this pearl have been disputed and dissected by academics the general message still rings true today. Our political parties of the centre left have shifted to the centre right-the centre left

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Cowichan Conversations: Green Party Leader Elizabeth May Is The Cream of the Commons Crop!

Elizabeth May Green Party MP-Saanich, BC

The determined and focused Elizabeth May has set a number of firsts, politically speaking.

Her election as MP for Saanich on Vancouver Island marked a first for the Green Party who had been running candidates for years without even garnering strong also ran status.

In spite of her impressive victory she was written off before she started due to the fact that the fledgling party had no real status. Few gave her much chance of gaining any status or recognition as a solitary flag carrier.

Whoa! Not only were they wrong.Ms. May is Parliamentarian of the year. Here is the report from Macleans magazine.


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