Great Glebe Garage Sale – 2014 Edition

Here are some of the things we got and did at the Great Glebe Garage Sale yesterday: An authentic persian rug, 4×6, for $25 A pretty leash for Rosie for $1 2 gorgeous light switch plates, painted with birds, 50 cents each 5 books for $5 2 sweatshirts and a t-shirt for $10 (yes I ... Favourite weekend of the whole year

Long-time readers will know that the last weekend in May is my favourite weekend of the whole year, because the Great Glebe Garage Sale and the Ottawa Race Weekend both fall on that weekend. Okay, first of all, congratulations to everybody who ran this weekend! My hairdresser, Bev, ran her very first marathon! We didn’t ... Great Glebe Garage Sale 2012

Lamaze Peekaboo Flower We had a lot of fun and this is what we got: Skates for GC A stuffed snake for Rosie, who loves stuffed snakes and has amassed quite a collection already Magnetic poetry (Basic + Genius + Movie kits) A sweet little cast iron teapot, which violates my rule of not buying ...