CBC: Most kids’ apps, websites collect and share personal information

When it comes to online data collection, children are the most vulnerable audience. Article by CBC News Most apps and websites for children collect personal information such as photos and addresses, and many say they may share that information with third parties, an annual global privacy survey suggests. read more National Post: Public servant being investigated for writing and performing anti-Tory ‘Harperman’ song

An Ottawa federal scientist’s job is in danger after he recorded a song speaking out against the government’s politics of fear. Article by Kathryn May, Post Media News at the National Post An Ottawa federal scientist is being investigated for breaching the public service’s ethics code for writing and performing a highly political protest song ... Tyee: C-51 is Harper’s tool to keep spreading fear

Experienced crime victims’ advocate Steve Sullivan on the open letter signed by conservative groups against Bill C-51, and how fear is the fuel that keeps Harper’s government going. Keep speaking out Canada! It’s never too late: Article by Steve Sullivan  Things are not going Stephen Harper’s way. People aren’t as scared as they used to ... Global: Conservative groups repeal Bill C-51 in open letter to Harper

Nearly 100 traditionally libertarian and conservative organizations like the National Firearms Association and Free Dominion, have signed a letter circulated by your OpenMedia team asking Prime Minister Stephen Harper to kill Bill C-51. Groups and individuals can continue to sign on at: Article by Vassy Kapelos for Global News read more iPolitics: Will Liberal Senators vote against Bill C-51 despite Trudeau’s stand?

According to iPolitics, Senate opposition leader James Cowan said he’ll break with the policy of his Liberal party and vote against the Harper government’s controversial anti-terrorism legislation, Bill C-51. “My sense would be that most Liberal senators will oppose the bill. We’ll propose amendments — not the same amendments they did in the House but ... Liberals are cutting their membership cards after Bill C-51 vote

Did the Liberals really think their voters wouldn’t care about that Bill C-51 vote? Well, they were wrong.  Article by ThinkPol Social media is abuzz with images of Liberal supporters symbolically cutting up their party membership cards after their leader Justin Trudeau voted in favour of Bill C-51 at the anti-terrorism legislation’s third reading in ... We’ll keep up the fight against C-51… until we win!

This just in from Ottawa: The government have ignored Canadians and used their parliamentary majority to force Bill C-51 through the House of Commons. Despite massive opposition from hundreds of thousands of everyday Canadians and the country’s top privacy experts, the reckless Bill is a step closer to become the law of the land. Here’s ... Common Dreams: We are making sure your voice is heard before it is too late to #StopC51

We are speaking out as much as we can to make sure your voice is heard: Bill C-51 will recklessly endanger our rights and our privacy. Here’s another great coverage thanks to your support. Keep speaking up at before it is too late.  Article by Nadia Prupis for Common Dreams Canada’s House of Commons on ... Your letters about Bill C-51 are being read all across Canada

As the House of Commons debates the government’s Bill C-51, opponents of the Bill are intensifying their efforts to urge MPs to listen to Candians and reject the controversial legislation. One of the most powerful actions Canadians are taking is using our Letter-to-the-Editor tool. This powerful resource allows Canadians to successfully publish dozens of letters ... IPOLITICS: CSIS IS KEEPING EVERYONE IN THE DARK ABOUT RECKLESS BILL C-51

CSIS is keeping everyone, including ministers of the Crown, out of the loop. And Harper seems to be OK with it.  Article by Andrew Mitrovica for iPolitics  When it comes to strengthening what passes for oversight of Canada’s spy service, Stephen Harper doesn’t listen to his critics. Maybe he’ll start listening to his friends. Earlier ...

BigCityLib Strikes Back: The Edgar Schmidt Case Is Scarier Than You Thought

Edgar Schmidt is the government lawyer who revealed this week that his department has been told not to inform the government or opposition MPs when upcoming legislation is likely to fail subsequent legal scrutiny.  Such has been the policy since 1993.  Dennis Gruending tells the story in greater detail than the Globe piece, and he’s not behind some ...