cartoon life: Where can I find your free ebooks and stuff? Hmmm?

I can haz free cat books? I’m switching out stuff from Dropbox to Google Drive. The eight wallpapers I posted earlier have a new home, and all the free ebooks, cats and landscapes are also there. The 100 cats (nearly 150 cats only $0.99!) ebook is still at iTunes, along with the also free ebook, 20 ...

cartoon life: Looking back 1 v.2

I think I fixed the composition problems from the first version. Looking back on Vernazza in the Parco Nazionalle de Cinque Terre, Italy. Filed under: art Tagged: art, Cinque Terre, good stuff, italy, landscape, light, mountains, seascape

cartoon life: Holy cats! 100 cats is live on the iTunes bookstore!

100 cats: What a fast turnaround! I thought I would have some time to set up a page for the book before then. Filed under: art, book, comment, digital, drawings, good stuff, iPad, painting Tagged: 100 cats, art, Cat, cats, digital, ebook, humor, humour, illustration, iPad

cartoon life: This is the weapon of the enemy…

Filed under: comment, good stuff, rotten stuff

cartoon life: Ocean Views eBook lost at sea

Update May 8 2012 ”Thank you for submitting your request to update your content. Your change request has been denied.” 🙁 Are there no hints? Suggestions? Guidelines? The Ocean Views eBook can be downloaded directly from here. Filed under: art, book, digital, drawing, drawings, good stuff, illustration, iPad, painting Tagged: art, cloud, illustration, iPad, ocean, painting, seascape, water

cartoon life: Ocean Views eBook

The Ocean Views eBook can be downloaded directly from here. It seems to be stalled stubbornly under review, so may not be available through the iTunes book store. Once you have the download completed, drag the file onto iTunes, then sync your iPad. The objection—repeated boilerplate—from review staff is that: “Books must be of sufficient length or ...

cartoon life: cat: some variations on a beast

“In a couple of words, the picture book Cat: Some Variations on a Beast is a whimsical treat.” Dan Brown, The London Free Press Filed under: art, book, digital, drawing, drawings, good stuff, illustration, painting Tagged: Cat, cats, illustration, iPad, painting

cartoon life: The cat book in print

The Cat book has arrived! October 3, 2011. Each book is $20.00 plus the requisite shipping and handling. In Canada that is $2.25, to the United States; $3.85, International; $7.45. You can make deposits to my Paypal account. See The Cat Book page. Filed under: art, book, digital, good stuff, illustration Tagged: art, book, Cat, cats, ...

cartoon life: More of The Reals at GQ

They are ordinary men in extraordinary costumes, and they have risen from the ashes of our troubled republic to ensure the safety of their fellow citizens. Jon Ronson goes on patrol with Urban Avenger, Mr. Xtreme, Pitch Black, Knight Owl, Ghost, and the baddest-ass “real-life superhero” of them all, Phoenix Jones. Filed under: good stuff

cartoon life: Six Clouds in progress 3

Now, we're getting somewhere. Filed under: art, good stuff, painting

cartoon life: Trying Google+

Me, fooling around with a space on Google+ Filed under: comment, good stuff

cartoon life: Notes from Missionazn 4

Missionazn seems to be live again Filed under: good stuff Tagged: missionazn

cartoon life: Ariana Gillis is damned remarkable

I’ll say it again. Filed under: good stuff, music, video

cartoon life: Ten year water lily

After years of wrangling various cages, screens and protection systems, only the lack of racoons allows this years bloom in my tiny backyard pond. Filed under: good stuff, photo Tagged: water lily

cartoon life: Note from Missionazn 1

Note from Missionazn from my son: “I apologize for not updating yesterday; we were so tired after the plane trip and the touring that I fell asleep before I could do anything more than shower. We had to get up at 5 AM yesterday, 5 AM today, and will have to get up at 4 ...

cartoon life: Neil Draws More Bad Comics

These are all very delightful. I guess this is why I keep my Tag Surfer. Every once in a while something this charming and wonderful shows up. Neil Draws More Bad Comics. Filed under: cartoonist, comment, good stuff