The Canadian Progressive: Human Rights Watch: Challenges for Rights After Arab Spring

The willingness of new governments to respect rights will determine whether those uprisings give birth to genuine democracy or simply spawn authoritarianism in new forms.

The Canadian Progressive: UNICEF appeals to Canadians to support Syrian children

by UNICEF Canada | Jan 16, 2013: TORONTO – UNICEF is urging Canadians to support its emergency appeal for Syrian children as extreme weather conditions including heavy rain, snow and freezing temperatures has greatly worsened the situation for millions of Syrian children and their families. “The region has recorded the coldest temperatures in ten years ...

Canadian ProgressiveCanadian Progressive: Anonymous Dumps Wikileaks [VIDEO]

Hacktivist collective, Anonymous, has severed ties with long-time ally WikiLeaks. Anonymous announced the divorce via a tweet, and said the Julian Assange-controlled whistle-blowing website had become a one man “Julian Assange show”. The tweet: “The end of an era. We unfollowed @Wikileaks and withdraw our support. It was an awesome idea ruined by Egos. Good Bye.” The timing of ...

CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE WORLD: Canadians Attending The Bilderberg 2012 Meeting

  Editor’s note: In the past, Bilderbergers kept the list of conference participants secret. Now they publish the list on their “official” website. The list of participants to this year’s conference, taking place in Chantilly, Virginia, USA, from May 31 … Continue reading →