Alberta Politics: Message to Jason Kenney: Alberta changed while you were away being a big shot in Ottawa!

PHOTOS: Progressive Conservative Leader Jason Kenney. Why does this man look so puzzled? Below: Entertainer k.d. lang; the late Ralph Klein, premier of Alberta when Jason Kenney left for Ottawa; Edmonton Journal columnist Paul Simons; and Nolan Crouse, until yesterday the only candidate to lead the Alberta Liberal Party. When Jason Kenney stepped onto the ...

Politics and its Discontents: Like A Festering Pustule That Refuses To Heal

Perennial posterior pain K(T)ory Teneycke just won’t go away. Currently a Conservative Party campaign spokesman, he once again appears to be out of his depth. In the following video, which gets really interesting at the four-minute mark, a principled Tom Clark pursues the irritating gnat over his party’s use of terrorist imagery in its latest ...

Politics and its Discontents: Canadaland Does It Again

Jesse Brown’ Canadaland, the investigative website whose work allowed The Toronto Star to develop its series uncovering the Jian Ghomeshi scandal, is once again proving its worth in a landscape littered with corporate news media. This time it has discovered, thanks to a tip from a reader, the mysterious removal by Global News of an ...

Politics and its Discontents: A Timely Warning From Edward Snowden

But will anyone listen? Edward Snowden, the man wanted for leaking U.S. security documents in 2013 says Canadians should be “extraordinarily cautious” in reference to an anti-terror bill proposed by the Harper government. Snowden and journalist Glenn Greenwald spoke to a group of Toronto students Monday evening. Recommend this Post

In This Corner: Stuff Happens, week 4: Musical MLA chairs; Apple has a very, very good year; Greece goes rogue.

Will the last MLA out of the Alberta legislature please turn out the lights? Resignation fever swept the Legislature on this week, as another six MLAs announced they were not going to run in the next election. Most notable was the resignation of Liberal leader Raj Sherman, who announced on Monday that he was quitting ...

Politics and its Discontents: Meanwhile, Back At The Trough

The steps of Peter Mansbridge and Rex Murphy, I imagine, have a bit of a spring today, content in the knowledge that they are no longer outliers in the land of journalistic conflicts of interest. There’s a new kid on the block (or, perhaps more appropriately, at the trough). The Toronto Star reports that Global ...

Politics and its Discontents: It’s Definitely Not Democracy

That’s the conclusion fundraising expert Harvey McKinnon draws in this interview during which he discusses the Harper regime’s targeting of groups that oppose the Tory policy of environmental despoliation, about which I wrote previously. McKinnon also offers this startling information: Statistically, one in 100 charities are audited each year. This Revenue Canada has gone after ...

Alberta Diary: Tory Slime Machine is losing the fight it picked with Justin Trudeau – for now, anyway…

Justin Trudeau’s riposte to the first blast of the Tory Slime Machine. So far, it looks like Mr. Trudeau is winning. Below: Mr. Trudeau with fake tattoo gets ready to punch out a Tory, for real; Calgary developer Cal Wenzel. Round One in the fight started with Justin Trudeau by the Tory Slime Machine pretty ...

Alberta Diary: The Annals of Digital Recording: ‘Preston is out of the country and cannot comment’

Your blogger with Preston Manning, both exactly as illustrated, although, in fairness, Mr. Manning may not have known just who your blogger was. Then again, maybe he did. He did say something like, “Oh, you…” Below: Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Is somebody going around trying to pull a Mitt Romney on Preston Manning ...

Canadian Progressive World: A moral argument against the war on drugs

Brazilian police patrol a favela in Rio De Janiero. EPA/Marcelo Sayao Former Brazilian President, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, has argued that the war on drugs has failed and cannabis should be decriminalised. He argued that the hardline approach has brought “disastrous” … Continue reading →

Canadian Progressive World: Wikileaks: Stratfor spied on grassroots activists in Canada and US

Today WikiLeaks began publishing The Global Intelligence Files – more than five million emails showing the inner workings of Statfor, a Texas-based “global intelligence” used by large corporations to monitor groups fighting for a just …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: The rebels who snubbed the Queen

The Diamond Jubilee, the extravagant international celebration throughout 2012 marking Queen Elizabeth II’s 60th year at the helm of the declining British Empire, is finally here. British medals galore! Officer of the Order of the British …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: Occupy Boston: No War On Iran

On Saturday, February 4, The Action for Peace Working Group of Occupy Boston will co-sponsor a rally and march as part of an international day of action to demand NO WAR ON IRAN. The march, …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: 30 Renowned Writers Speaking About God

In this 25-minute video, Jonathan Pararajasingham, a London-based neurosurgeon, presents 30 Renowned Writers Speaking About God. The writers offer both a literary homage to rationalism and humanism, and a not-so-generous critique of orthodox religious belief. …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: New Julian Assange TV Series: The World Tomorrow

Julian Assange will be hosting a series of in-depth conversations with key political players, thinkers and revolutionaries from around the world. The theme: the world tomorrow. Upheavals and revolutions in the Middle East have commenced …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: SOPA defeat: Don’t celebrate just yet

On Wednesday, the Internet won resoundingly against censorship. A grassroots-style online campaign torpedoed Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) an intended internet killing law before the US Congress. And yet, this is not the victory to …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: How the corporate media manipulates public support for international wars

The drums of war with Iran are beating. Once again, the corporate media, on behalf of the ever-hungry military-industrial complex and it’s puppets in position of political power, will force us to support this war. …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: Obert Madondo: For the next US president, Ron Paul is my choice

“I’m not an American. I’m a Canada-based citizen of the world. And an unapologetic progressive. If I’d half the chance to pick the next president of the United States, I’d vote to restore America. Texas …Read More