Alberta Politics: A ‘merger’ between the Alberta Party and the Progressive Conservatives? Unlikely

PHOTOS: A meeting of the Alberta Party’s “Big Listen,” circa 2010. Actual Alberta Party coffee parties may not have appeared exactly as illustrated. Below: Alberta Party Leader Greg Clark, former leaders Sue Huff and Glenn Taylor, and PC Party President Katherine O’Neill (from Facebook). Don’t bet the farm on a “merger” between the Progressive Conservatives ... - Alberta politics: Alberta politics last week

TweetAfter spending some much needed time relaxing in beautiful British Columbia, I returned to Alberta this week and noticed some of the political stories that occurred during my absence. Here are some of the top political stories from last week that caught my attention: Political games in High River Buckling under the pressure of constant ... - Alberta politics: News from parties not named PC or Wildrose

TweetWith Alberta’s daily political scene dominated by the loud and partisan voices of the governing Progressive Conservatives and the official opposition Wildrose, it has become easy to miss what is happening in Alberta’s other political parties. Here is a quick look at some news from the other parties represented in the Legislative Assembly – the Liberals ... - Alberta politics: Alberta Party decides to remain an Alberta party. Could a Liberal merger be next?

TweetMembers of Alberta’s eternally optimistic political party, the Alberta Party, met in Calgary for their annual general meeting this past weekend. At the meeting, members debated and decided to remain a political party. After the party’s less than stellar debut in the May 2012 provincial election, the party’s only ever MLA, Dave Taylor, penned a ...

Alberta Diary: Glen Taylor quits as leader – Alberta Party ponders the Big Goodbye

Your blogger in happier times with departing Alberta Party Leader Glenn Taylor. Below: Party luminaries Michael Walters and Sue Huff. Get ready for the Big Re-Think. Or the Long Goodbye. Or something… Alberta Party Leader Glenn Taylor has resigned, the world learned yesterday. He’ll step from the provincial political stage on Sept. 22, when the ...

David Climenhaga's Alberta Diary: After the Big Zero, the Alberta Party awaits the Big Goodbye

Your blogger with Dave Taylor, back in 2010. Below: Glenn Taylor, Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi and Chima Nkemdirim. While it’s true former Alberta Party MLA Dave Taylor never crossed a bridge he couldn’t burn, the political experiment he was part of is likely finished all on its own without his incendiary assistance. Alberta Party adherents ... - Alberta politics blog: murky waters ahead for alberta’s liberal party.

Tweet Raj Sherman delivers his leadership victory speech as leadership chair Josipa Petrunic, and candidates Laurie Blakeman, Hugh MacDonald, and Bruce Payne look on (September 2011). The Alberta Liberals will be holding a vote to affirm or oppose the continued leadership of  Raj Sherman on June 16 at the Whitehorn Community Association in northeast Calgary. ... #abvote Predictions

What’s an election without a couple of predictions? And to avoid any of that “I said that would happen!”/”No you didn’t!” stuff I thought I’d write down a few of mine. (And instead revel in the multiple “Boy, was that guy way off!” that will no doubt come my way.) So here are my thoughts as ...

atypicalalbertan: Election Predictions and Ridings to Watch

Today is election day in Alberta and quite a day it will be. I am guaranteed to be glued to my television screen and interweb module well into the wee hours of the morning. I suspect that it will be late before we know who the premier will be and whether they will have a ...

atypicalalbertan: Election Predictions and Ridings to Watch

Today is election day in Alberta and quite a day it will be. I am guaranteed to be glued to my television screen and interweb module well into the wee hours of the morning. I suspect that it will be late before we know who the premier will be and whether they will have a ... - Alberta politics blog: it’s crunch time!

In the final days of Alberta’s 2012 General Election, party leaders will be focusing their time and energy in the places that will matter on election day. Premier Alison Redford with Calgary candidates Jason Luan, Teresa Woo-Paw, Sandra Jansen, and Len Webber (photo from Alison4Premier Facebook Page) Progressive Conservative leader Alison Redford will spend the ... - Alberta politics blog: the great alberta election pool.

Who will run the show after April 23? On Monday, Albertans will go to the polls in what is already being dubbed a “historic” election. The outcome is uncertain, so why not gaze into your crystal ball and enter the Daveberta and CalgaryGrit election pool. It is simple enough – predict the seat totals for ... - Alberta politics blog: no knockout punches as candidates give it 110% in alberta’s leaders’ debate.

Four of the main party leaders at last night's televised debate. After watching last night’s televised Leaders’ Debate, I am left wondering whether it will even have an effect on how Albertans vote on April 23. In many ways, the Leaders’ Debate felt like a microcosm of the entire election campaign. Here are a few of ... - Alberta politics blog: sparks will fly as party leaders take off their gloves at tonight’s “make or break” televised debate.

The televised leaders' debate starts tonight at 6:30pm. Tonight’s hotly anticipated televised Leaders’ Debate will be the first time that the four main party leaders have debated each other in this format. All eyes will be on Progressive Conservative Premier Alison Redford and Wildrose Party leader Danielle Smith, but do not count out veteran NDP ... - Alberta politics blog: making cities matter in alberta’s election.

Alberta is the most urbanized province in Canada (81% of the population living in urban areas) and the Edmonton-Calgary corridor is one of the most urbanized regions in Canada. Looking to put cities on the provincial election agenda, Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi is using the website to weigh in on why it is important that Albertans know where ... - Alberta politics blog: who should be invited to the televised leaders’ debate?

PC leader Premier Alison Redford, Wildrose leader Danielle Smith, NDP leader Brian Mason, and Liberal leader Raj Sherman. The televised Leaders’ debate for Alberta’s 2012 election will be aired on April 12 at 6:30pm to 8:00pm on Global Television. The debate will include Progressive Conservative leader Premier Alison Redford, Liberal Party leader Raj Sherman, Wildrose ... - Alberta politics blog: alberta election day 1: campaign kick-offs and legalizing prostitution.

Alberta's political leaders are off to a slow start on the first day of the 2012 election. With hours of the election being called yesterday, Premier Alison Redford kicked-off the Progressive Conservative campaign at the campaign office of Edmonton-Glenora MLA Heather Klimchuk. First-term MLA Ms. Klimchuk is facing one of the most hotly contested races in ... - Alberta politics blog: alberta election called for april 23, 2012.

Alberta’s provincial election will be held on April 23, 2012. In this election, the number of constituencies are increasing from 83 to 87 (the first time increase in seats since the 1986 election). As of today, the Progressive Conservatives, NDP, and Wildrose Party are the only parties to have nominated candidates in all constituencies. Click ... - Alberta politics blog: alberta’s tories could have already won another election.

Alberta Premier Alison Redford Premier Alison Redford is expected to call a provincial election today. Had Premier Alison Redford‘s Progressive Conservatives followed conventional political wisdom and dropped the writ shortly after tabling the 2012 provincial budget on February 10, they may have already secured their next majority government. Danielle Smith Instead, in an attempt to ... - Alberta politics blog: alberta budget 2012: keep calm and carry on voting tory.

Alberta's 2012 pre-election budget. Judging by past performance, not rocking the boat is a difficult thing for Finance Minister Ron Liepert, who managed to table a budget yesterday that will rock Albertans to sleep before it rocks them into a riot. Reminding Albertans of just how good their forty-year government is, the Tories are subtly ...

David Climenhaga's Alberta Diary: Latest Alberta poll shows Redford Conservatives with commanding lead

Say it ain’t so! Giant Redford Tory electoral machine crushes everything in its path! Even the ship of state! (Stephen Carter’s electoral schemes may not be exactly as illustrated.) Below: Alison Redford, Tom “Firewall” Flanagan. As predicted more than once in this space, a methodologically trustworthy public opinion poll has now been published that shows ...

David Climenhaga's Alberta Diary: Liberal Conservative appoints conservative Liberals to battle progressive conservatives, true conservatives

I’m with him… Conservative Alberta Liberal Leader Raj Sherman with his new chief of staff, Jonathan Huckabay. Below: Jeff Melland, from his Facebook page. Earlier today, Alberta Liberal Leader Raj Sherman emailed out a press release announcing big changes to his staff. Key among these were the additions of Jeff Melland, a former spokesthingy for ...

David Climenhaga's Alberta Diary: Glenn Taylor quits his day job – now he has a few weeks to save the Alberta Party

Your blogger with Alberta Party Leader Glenn Taylor just after his election last May. Mr. Taylor’s election, that is. All your blogger’s ever been elected as is a “local legend.” Below: Robin Campbell, Barry Madsen. With an election looming, it’s nice to see that Alberta Party Leader Glenn Taylor has finally cleared the decks for ... - Alberta politics blog: the one dollar election campaign.

Barry Madsen, the NDP's man in West Yellowhead. In his second attempt as the NDP candidate in West Yellowhead, Barry Madsen is taking a different, and unconventional, approach to fundraising. In a speech made at his recent nomination meeting, Mr. Madsen pledged to only accept $1 donations to his election campaign. Talking about creating “an ...

David Climenhaga's Alberta Diary: Prognosis looks bleak for faltering Alberta Party

Chima Nkemdirim: his decision to work for Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi was a serious loss for the Alberta Party. Below: Mr. Nenshi, Alberta Premier Alison Redford and Alberta Party Leader Glenn Taylor. The two worst things that have happened to the Alberta Party are, in this order, Naheed Nenshi and Alison Redford. This is not ...