Politics and its Discontents: More helpful Advice From the World’s Richest Woman

She may be the world’s richest woman, but she still has time for ‘the little people’ with this sterling advice for job creation and increased productivity. Recommend this Post

Politics and its Discontents: Advice From the World’s Richest Woman

Wow! Sounds like this Australian lady really made it ‘the hard way’. Recommend this Post

DeSmogBlog: Donna Laframboise Flown To Australia By Climate Science Denying Think Tank

delinquent.jpg CANADIAN blogger and climate science sceptic Donna Laframboise has flown off for a tour of Australia to tell anyone willing to listen that the world's foremost body on climate change, the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, is something resembling a shambling mess. Laframboise's trip has been organised by free market think tank the ...

DeSmogBlog: What The World’s Richest Woman Gina Rinehart Thinks About Climate Change

gina1.jpg SHE is the richest woman on the planet with a personal fortune approaching $30 billion thanks to her coal and iron ore businesses. But when it comes to arguably the planet's most pressing problem – human-caused climate change – the Australian mining magnate Gina Rinehart dismisses out of hand not only the issue, but the ...

DeSmogBlog: Mining Magnate Gina Rinehart Bids For Editorial Control Of Australia’s Fairfax Newspapers

getup_ad_mining_media.jpg WHEN you think the news stories just aren't going your way – when parts of the media just refuse to tow your particular ideological line – what are your options? For most people, the choices are limited. You could perhaps write a letter to the editor or maybe even pen an opinion piece or start ...