cmkl: I think I have to do this

There’s a way you can turn an iPhone into a digital microscope. With $10 worth of stuff.

mark a rayner | scribblings, squibs & sundry monkey joys: Brittany

In her high school class yearbook, Brittany had been deemed “the most likely to be found dead in a dumpster”, but she had confounded her critics. First she had joined the circus, where her extensive tattoos and devastating overbite had … Continue reading →

Things Are Good: Lose Weight the Geeky Way

Weight Hacker is a website and book that focus on losing weight in a very geeky way. The creator of weight hacking writes about geeky things all the time and he decided to take his appeal of geeky things to his diet. Sometimes I tried dieting, but either it didn’t work or it didn’t work ...

Far and Wide: NDP First Ballot Results

Pretty surprising results on the first ballot: Turnout – 50%. Mulcair 30, Topp 21.3, Cullen 16.3, Nash 12.8, Dewar 7.4, Singh 5.8, Ashton 5.7. Singh out. Dewar out. Ashton out. Mulcair comes in on the low end of expectations. As I mentioned yesterday 35% was the arbitrary number many had floated on the convention floor. ...