cartoon life: Bravo iPhone!

Three hours in a lily pond. In a cold lily pond. Pulling down vines and branches and leaves from a roof over the back deck, I stepped off the ladder, missing the last step. I knew I would be okay as I fell across the garden plants. Comically, one shoe flew off my non-landing foot ...

cartoon life: That SpinPadGrip problem

The SpinPadGrip is successfully re-attached. There is likely a way to smooth the application of this so it doesnt go on so lumpy squeezed from the tube, but nobody is looking at the actual working surface, so it really doesnt matter. It seems to be working just fine. Filed under: gadget Tagged: gadgets, iPad

cartoon life: Spinpadgrip arrives.

Took about a week from the time I ordered it online. Remarkably light. And the perfect solution to holding the iPad in one hand while you are drawing with the other and no more two-thumbed typing mistakes because I can hold the iPad in my left hand and type with my right. Instructions on the back. ... An apple gadget infomercial with GC, Duncan and Simon

GC made an apple pie a couple of weeks ago, and being the clever guy he is, he went gadget-shopping first. Then we prepared our very own infomercial, complete with cameo appearances by some of our animal friends. (My favourite part is the last five seconds.) Incidentally, since making this video we’ve discovered that you ...