Slap Upside The Head: Rob Anders Says Something Stupid (Again)

My former MP, Rob Anders, a fierce opponent of “homosexual sex marriage,” has once again done something incredibly dumb. Rick Mercer explains it nicely.

Slap Upside The Head: And Now, Some Anti-Gay Testimony From Nebraska

Check out this video of Jane Svoboda arguing against a non-discrimination ordinance in Lincoln, Nebraska. It’s about as coherent and reasoned as any other anti-gay argument, but the reactions of the guy in the back is priceless!

Slap Upside The Head: Mike and Ike Head To Splitsville

Mike and Ike, some kind of sentient candy entities with human names, have apparently split up according to marketing material from the Just Born candy company. I didn’t even know they were gay. Well, you know what they say: There’s plenty of Swedish Fish in the package. Personally, I’m just hoping someone puts an end ...

Slap Upside The Head: NOM Boycotts Starbucks

Nation for Marriage, one of the United States’ largest anti-gay lobby groups, is launching a boycott against Starbucks over the company’s support for equal marriage rights. Gosh, I wonder how Starbucks will weather the loss of their closed-minded, religious fanatic customer segment. I’ll be sure to report on the monetary damage as more news comes ...

Slap Upside The Head: British Religious Group Offers Their Thoughts On Marriage

The Muslim Council of Britain has declared that equal marriage rights are “unnecessary and unhelpful.” What a coincidence—I was just thinking the same thing about declarations from the Muslim Council of Britain!

Slap Upside The Head: Archie Gay Marriage Issue Sells Out

One Million Moms, a US-based anti-gay lobby group, has demanded that Toys R Us pull an issue of Archie Comics featuring a gay wedding from its store shelves, or face an organized boycott. If you’re thinking of heading down to Toys R Us to pick up a copy for yourself, though, you might not have ...

Slap Upside The Head: Posthumous Gayification

It’s fairly well known that Mormons can convert other people to Mormonism posthumously, no matter what beliefs that person may have had when they were alive. Not too many people know, however, that it’s also possible to turn dead Mormons gay through the powers of the Internet!

Slap Upside The Head: China Doesn’t Not Not Disapprove Of Gays

A dating website in China is claiming that over 80% of Chinese people born after 1980 “don’t disapprove of homosexuality.” I didn’t not hesitate to not withhold this story, since I wasn’t not unsure if the methodology wasn’t unsound, but the results definitely don’t not appear to not be discouraging!