Things Are Good: Walk It Off, Structured Downtime for Productivity

Working all day is hard – so don’t do it. In many desk jobs one doesn’t need to be there from 9-5, indeed we can be more productive by not being there. More evidence keeps cropping up that we are animals that need exercise and a diversity of daily experiences. Going for a walk mid-afternoon ... What’s Next?

Don’t gloat. Don’t lose that smile. Don’t get distracted. The real goal is the election in 2015. The NDP have been pushed aside. In the 2012 byelection in Calgary-Centre the NDP went down to 2%, and in Labrador they were moved aside in today’s byelection. The Conservatives have been somewhat humbled — taking illegal donations ... The Purpose of a Political Party

A political party has one purpose. It is a service organization. And it serves the public. Everything else is secondary. A political party is focused on its relationship with the voter, supporting the public servants be they a MLA or member, and creating opportunities for leadership. In this a party needs to be two things: ...