Politics and its Discontents: The Fast-Approaching Abyss

While North American politicians give us either sunny platitudes or outright denials, the reality of the climate-change abyss we are quickly approaching should now be becoming apparent to even the most benighted among us: Recommend this Post

Politics and its Discontents: Yet Another ‘100-Year Event’

This one was in the traditionally water-challenged area of Phoenix, Arizona. For additional commentary on our worsening climate, check out The Mound’s post. Recommend this Post

The Disaffected Lib: We Need To Do What These Guys Are Doing

“These guys” are the Brits.  What they’re doing is taking an inventory of their transportation infrastructure to assess its vulnerability to severe storm events caused by ‘early onset’ climate change.  The good news is that the Brits get it. They know climate change is real and that they’re going to have to adapt or else. ...

The Disaffected Lib: Nature’s Version of Waterboarding

Think of it as the difference between a refreshing drink of water and undergoing waterboarding.   We used to expect the former from nature but now, all too often, it’s the latter. Las Vegas is an object lesson.   The desert city is now forced to drain its essential freshwater from a distant corner of the state ...

The Disaffected Lib: What’s Up? Flash Floods, That’s What.

From Britain to Africa, America to China and Russia, India to Canada, no corner of the world seems immune to flash flooding.   Is global warming the culprit?   In most cases, probably. We done gone and broke the hydrological cycle. How we broke it is as easy to understand as it is to prove with basic ...