cartoon life: The staircase

More from Popsicolor savaging the work. These are photos documenting the progress of the stripping and refinishing of the staircase. The filters put the image in a space I wouldn’t normally imagine. Filed under: art Tagged: bones, building, filter, filters, house, old fashioned, Popsicolor, staircase, stripping

cartoon life: Filter madness

Traced over a photo in Sketchbook Ink for the colour masses. Didn’t care for it very much. Downloaded Repix. Brought that drawing in for fooling about with. Filed under: art Tagged: apps, art, Cat, filters

cartoon life: Would you like to come up and see my #etchings?

Click to view slideshow. Laying about being bored, and somewhat on an enforced vacation, I downloaded Etchings app and ran a number of randomly chosen images through the filters. Some interesting results above. Filed under: art, drawings Tagged: etchings, filters, iPad