cartoon life: The staircase

More from Popsicolor savaging the work. These are photos documenting the progress of the stripping and refinishing of the staircase. The filters put the image in a space I wouldn’t normally imagine. Filed under: art Tagged: bones, building, filter, filters, house, old fashioned, Popsicolor, staircase, stripping

cartoon life: Lampshade in filter fun

Some more fooling around in Popsicolor. The results are so dramatic. Just don’t know what to do with them with the image is so strong. Playing with a flat colour field yields some interesting textures and abstractions. Filed under: art Tagged: filter, Lampshade, light, Popsicolor

cartoon life: More #Etchings app filter play

The new version descended just this morning. These images above are from the previous iPhone version, done yesterday. Filed under: art, digital Tagged: etchings, filter