cartoon life: The Sunburn

From a figure drawing session today at The ArtsProject here in London Ont. Some warm up drawings shared at the Tumblr are extended in app with colour after the fact. A previous version of The Sunburn was shared at Google+ and the Tumblr because sharing is so easy. Drawn and coloured in Procreate. Incidental non-direct ...

cartoon life: Two from today version two

Barbara: Triangle and shadow Barbara: The arm Filed under: art Tagged: Figure drawing, iPad, nude., procreate

cartoon life: Two today figures from life drawing

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cartoon life: Reclining. Considering

One sketch from today’s figure drawing session at #ldnont Arts Project. Fresh, quick and a good likeness. In retrospect I enjoyed dropping in the big black charcoal by accident at the background, and just going with it. Filed under: art Tagged: Figure drawing, procreate

cartoon life: I go back to the drawing board

So, over the last eight Tuesdays, I’ve been at drawing classes. There are a few drop in options at a couple of places, but I’m happy to refresh things with a bit of direction and, yes, instruction. So these are also life drawing classes, which aside from caricature, is something I haven’t done in a ...