The Canadian Progressive: Canada’s F-35 Blueprints Stolen By China

Among the weapons listed in the report were the advanced Patriot missile system, the Navy’s Aegis ballistic missile defense systems, the F/A-18 fighter jet, the V-22 Osprey, the Black Hawk helicopter and the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. The post Canada’s F-35 Blueprints Stolen By China appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

Politics, Re-Spun: On this F35 v. Buying A Car Analogy Spin

The F-35 is in the news again, or at least the Harper regime’s complete bungling of the acquisition and the subsequent complete misleading of Parliament on the costs of the jets and guns. The Conservatives have a line of spin that’s been sticking – and that really frustrates me.  Laurie Hawn, for example, the caustic ...

From Orangutan: Dear Peter MacKay,

In this video, Rex Murphy nicely summarizes the current folly of the Canadian federal government, but I still can’t figure out who you really are, Mr. MacKay. I checked Wikipedia, and I know that you serve as Minister of National Defence. I know that you are a Libra, born in the year of the Snake. ...

From Orangutan: Dear Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper,

Why have you systematically misled the Canadian people about the costs of purchasing flying machines?