Dead Wild Roses: Fahrenheit 451 – The Trans Edition – Vancouver’s Women’s Library Under Attack.

Hey friends, let’s understand that if you decide to start banning books that are integral to the movement you want to be a part of, it is a really big hint that you need to be in your own fucking movement.  Colonizing Feminism for your particular set needs is going to fail therefore it is ...

Dead Wild Roses: Female Erasure – Vera Rubin – Astrophysicist Who Discovered Dark Matter.

Yep, still waiting for the chorus of enraged ‘egalitarian’ voices to protest this (continuing) oversight. Filed under: Feminism, History, Science Tagged: Astrophysics, Female Erasure, History, Institutional Sexism, Nobel Prize Bullshittery, Patriarchy, Radical Feminism

Dead Wild Roses: One Example of Female Erasure – Grab’em By The Pussy Filed under: Gender Issues Tagged: Female Erasure, Gender Critical, Trans Ideology?

Dead Wild Roses: On Female Erasure – Gender

I completely need this book. Filed under: Culture, Feminism Tagged: Female Erasure, Gender, Gender Roles, Radical Feminism, Society, The Scourage of Idenity Politics