BigCityLib Strikes Back: Justin Vs. Ezra

An interesting bit of tactics. In fact, it would be just swell if Canadians thought of you as the typical, modern conservative, @ezralevant. Anything we can do to help?— Gerald Butts (@gmbutts) September 20, 2014 Provoke The Ez into further ranting; hang  his words on the CPC government.  Interesting in that team Trudeau thinks they ...

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Ethical Oil Complaint To Canadian Judicial Council Fails: Judge Ducharme Off Hook For For Participating In David Suzuki Mock Trial

Ezra and Co. (young Amanda) try to soften their defeat by marking up the document with snarky liner notes   CJC Response to Complaint Against Justice Todd Ducharme …but if they had really won they would have been singing the decision to the high heavens for the past week.  And they haven’t.

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Ezra And The Duffster

Straight from Frank; Mike Duffy apparently paid him to write speeches: Oddly enough, this makes me think better of Ezra; I always assumed that his money came entirely from dad.

BigCityLib Strikes Back: I, Ezra, Again

Ezra Levant has sent out an email soliciting donations to fund yet another defamation case he’s caught up in.  I recieved a secret first draft of this email by a mole within the Sun News Network. I am reproducing it here:

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Ezra Levant And The Cost Of Delay

$7,500 to ditch your lawyer and buy a few more weeks before trial?  Well, shit, that’s not chump-change. Remind me not to talk trash about people on the Internet. 

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Ezra Deletes

Before he deleted them like a coward, here’s everything @ezralevant tweeted about Christopher Peloso: #topoli— Ian MacIntyre (@MrIanMacIntyre) December 31, 2013 Pretty loathsome stuff, as per usual with The Ez.  Thing to remember is Ezra don’t delete unless someone tells him to.  Like boss Kory Teneyke, or a Sun News lawyer.

BigCityLib Strikes Back: As The Fords Rise, Does The Ez Decline?

Skip the stuff about how its all appalling and etc.  The interesting thing is they’re horning-in on Ezra Levant’s Monday night time-slot (8 pm ET).  Is somebody’s star on the descendant?

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Suzuki [Foundation] Strikes Back!

My favorite bit (naturally): Those not familiar with Sun News host Ezra Levant — who also founded a propaganda organization and website to promote the fossil fuel industry and target environmental groups — might be interested to know he has been proven in court to be less than credible, with a judge in one case ...

BigCityLib Strikes Back: CBSC Dings Ezra

Ottawa, September 9, 2013 – The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC) today released its decision concerning comments made about “Gypsies” on Sun News Network.  During his program The Source, Ezra Levant made negative comments about that ethnic group.  The CBSC found the broadcast in violation of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters’ (CAB) Code of Ethics and Equitable Portrayal Code. The CBSC did not, ...

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Ezra Attracts Another Defamation Suit?

Hey @nenshi, do you mind if I release your legal demand letter you sent to the Sun, after I dared criticize you in a column? #vicious— Ezra Levant (@ezralevant) September 8, 2013  Its over this, among other things.  If you followed it all in real time, you will note that I was standing on the ...

BigCityLib Strikes Back: The Faces Of Ezra

Since Sun News didn’t get mandatory carriage today, Canuck television will probably lose Mr. Levant to a lucky McD’s franchise somewhere.  Therefore, a tribute: I’ll miss you, Ez.  I just wish we could have met, and I could have sued you like everyone else.

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Ezra, Hate Speech, And Sun TV: Shit That May Or May Not Be Going Down

From Dr. Roy: I was on Sun Tv with Jerry Agar ( replacing Ezra ). From that horrid social networking device know as Twitter: Not sure of the provenance of this last item, as George Smiley might say, but I will note that @sunnewsmedia stills gets you results via google but seems gone from the twitterverse. This of course ...

BigCityLib Strikes Back: A Day In The Life Of Ezra Levant…

…and the day is not yet over.  By the way, this is what he’s talking about.  Ezra claimed the two lads were drunk and unruly.

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Ezra Goes Bananas!

Ezra Levant was completely entitled to cast doubt on the sincerity of the Chiquita company and to call for a boycott of its products because the latter does not share his views on the relatively “green” nature of the Alberta oil sands. However, Levant did not stop there. He began by accusing the Chiquita company of being anti-Canadian ...