Excited Delirium: Justice Served?

Yesterday’s court ruling concerning Robert Dziekanski reminded me why I start this blog. And why things have gone from bad to worse under the Stephen Harper Conservatives.

Excited Delirium: Stephen Harper, Fascist?

Is Stephen Harper a Fascist? You take the survey and judge for yourself.

Excited Delirium: Excited Delirium News Summary – January 2012

Excited delirium news headlines for the last week of January, 2012

Excited Delirium: Excited Delirium Chapter 68: Get Garamond

Chapter 68 of Excited Delirium, where our heroes hatch a plan for getting Garamond.

Excited Delirium: Davos 2012: You’ve Been Warned

What outcome will the economic leaders agree on when they meet in Davos in 2012? Expect less.

Excited Delirium: A Sad Day For The World

Under Barack Obama, the US taken a definitive step into the ugly world of fascism now that the National Defense Authorization Act is now law.

Excited Delirium: Toronto’s ‘Emergency’ Warning

Toronto: it’s time to stand up to Ford’s lies.

Excited Delirium: Dec 9 2011 Excited Delirium Updates

An array of stories related to ‘excited delirium’.

Excited Delirium: Where Did the Fed Get $7.7 Trillion?

The Fed in the US as explained by Dennis Kucinich.

Excited Delirium: Occupy Santa Claus?

Is there room for the #occupy message via Santa Claus Parades?

Excited Delirium: Media Messaging – Using the ‘Right’ Terms

What language do you think progressives should use to try to communicate with the average Canadian viewer?

Excited Delirium: #occupywallstreet grows while MSM misses the message

Why is mainstream media ignoring the #OccupyWallStreet protests?

Excited Delirium: Fake Fiscal Emergencies

Our institutions are broke. It’s time we followed a true doctrine of capitalism and let them all go under and deal with the mess instead of handing over more cash to the rich and elite that run our lives.

Excited Delirium: News of the World Whistle Blower Found Dead

Sean Hoare – the whistle blower who exposed the News of the World scandal – has been found dead.

Excited Delirium: Facebook: A Giant Snitch?

While Facebook may not tell on you, your use of Facebook will be disclosed to others.

Excited Delirium: Toronto G20 Use of Agent Provocateurs

This goes in the ‘no s7!t’ pile of obvious conclusions about what happened last year during the G20 conference in Toronto, but it’s still worth reporting to the general public that what went down last year was just plain wrong. Once again, we see that fascism is alive and well in Canada and 40% of ...