Calgary: A Tale of Two Slates

If you’ve been paying attention to Calgary’s municipal election over the last week you would likely have heard about the Manning Centre, a $1,100,000 donation by the home builders to “in order to bring Preston [Manning] on board,” and the recent comments by Cal Wenzel on buying council members — earning influence for his industry ...

cartoon life: More #Etchings app filter play

The new version descended just this morning. These images above are from the previous iPhone version, done yesterday. Filed under: art, digital Tagged: etchings, filter

cartoon life: Would you like to come up and see my #etchings?

Click to view slideshow. Laying about being bored, and somewhat on an enforced vacation, I downloaded Etchings app and ran a number of randomly chosen images through the filters. Some interesting results above. Filed under: art, drawings Tagged: etchings, filters, iPad