In This Corner: Stuff Happens, week 29: I’m ‘Just Not Ready’ for an election.

Are you sick of those ‘Just Not Ready’ commercials from Stephen Harper’s Conservatives? Tired of seeing that baggy-eyed old man, that mandatory immigrant with the heavy accent, and the generic woman looking over Justin Trudeau’s ‘resume’? And are you sick of hearing “Nice hair, though”? Well, get ready to get even sicker. Harper is, by ...

ParliamANT Hill: MP Del M’Antstro motion could delay sentencing, loss of seat

Inspired by this headline:

Leftist Jab: Peter Penashue’s Statement Deconstructed

The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Cost per vote: by-elections #nlpoli

One measure of campaign efficiency and effectiveness is comparing the amount a campaign spends for the number of votes it receives. It’s called cost-per-vote. Here’s a comparison of the cost per vote for each of the three political parties in a string of by-elections over the past three years.  From left to right, they are: ...