With a week to go Harvey Locke is 2% short of taking on the Tories and winning in Calgary-Centre. It’s that close. That’s some 100 votes. This is a once in 40 years chance to upset the Tories, send them a message, and show that Calgarians wont be taken for granted. This is what I ... Calgary-Centre By-Election: Forum Poll has Tory at 48%, Harvey Locke (L) at 28%, Greens and NDP at 8%-11%

Forum Research released a poll of the Calgary-Centre byelection to gauge the support of each candidate in the riding. Conservative candidate Joan Crockatt sits at almost half of the support of the riding, with Harvey Locke some 20 points behind her at 28%. Since the previous poll (in August) the Harvey Locke team has increased ... Don’t listen to the polling.

A recent poll has the Alberta Liberal Party 40% up on their election numbers. Another poll has the federal Liberals up some 5 points, overshadowing the NDP and on the heels of the Conservatives. But don’t for a single moment think that these polls mean anything. It’s at most three years away from the next election, the ...