cartoon life: Get a More 22 cats book for Christmas

Download this book to view on your new Christmas tablet. It’s free. It’s a PDF. It’s digital. It’s tiny. It’s cool. A tiny delightful book of cat art Download from Dropbox: Mrrfy Crzzmzz! Filed under: art, book, drawing, iPad Tagged: Cat, cats, ebook, free download, free stuff

cartoon life: more 22 cats tiny book: the PDF

A tiny delightful book of cat art It’s available at this dropbox link: Filed under: art Tagged: art, cats, delightful book, ebook, free download, illustration, pdf

cartoon life: 20 monsters ebook

  20 monsters ebook Now with the release of Mavericks, and iBooks installed on every such Mac, the ebooks I’ve put up at iTunes are also available on your Mac. 20 Monsters is free. Filed under: art, book Tagged: ebook, monsters

cartoon life: Updated 100 cats ebook is up.

Okay, Cool! The updated 100 cats ebook is live in the iTunes bookstore! Filed under: art Tagged: 100, 100 cats, cats, ebook, update

cartoon life: Updated 100 cats eBook

I’m uploading just now, an updated version of the 100 cats eBook to the iTunes book store, with over 40 new drawings, and an animation file. Keep your furry toes crossed that all goes well. Filed under: art, book, iPad Tagged: 100 cats, cats, ebook

cartoon life: Holy cats! 100 cats is live on the iTunes bookstore!

100 cats: What a fast turnaround! I thought I would have some time to set up a page for the book before then. Filed under: art, book, comment, digital, drawings, good stuff, iPad, painting Tagged: 100 cats, art, Cat, cats, digital, ebook, humor, humour, illustration, iPad

cartoon life: 100 insane cats

Well, that was a bit of an insane run. My 100 cats drawing project ran out of steam at around 80 pictures, and I decided, WTH, put ‘em all up here and see what happens. It pushed me over the hump, I think, along with getting a bit more proper sleep. Though only eighty or ...

mark a rayner | scribblings, squibs & sundry monkey joys: Pirate Therapy – download for free!

My new(ish) collection of short stories, flash fictions and odd bitlets of absurdism is available for free on Kindle from June 21 to June 23. Seriously, it’s free – just click on the link or the cover to get to … Continue reading →