cultural sn:afu: Maybe it’s time to kill the May Show

The May Show of today is a pale imitation of the May Show that was so successful through the 1980′s and the first half of the 90′s, so maybe it’s time to stop pretending and just let it die. The … Continue reading →

cultural sn:afu: MoneySense magazine ranks Hawkesbury 150th out of 190 cities, people ask ‘what the fuck is MoneySense magazine?’

For a few years MoneySense, a Toronto-based magazine, has been ranking cities in Canada from best to worst. For the third year in a row they’ve decided Hawkesbury is one of the worst places to live in Canada, and the … Continue reading →

The Liberal Scarf: 6 reasons to vote Liberal

Stole this shamelessly from a friend, but I really like it. Forward. Together. >

The Liberal Scarf: "Thanks for the jobs"

That’s what one man who worked for the solar company next to the Ontario Liberal tent told me today at the International Plowing Fest. From providing the way forward to tomorrow’s economy with the Green Energy Act to protecting and growing Ontario’s agricultural economy, Ontario Liberals are standing up for farmers and the economy. Over ...

The Liberal Scarf: Follow the Eastern Region Policy Parliament online!

I’m liveblogging right now from the Eastern Region Policy Parliament, we’ve got dozens of great Young Liberals, great special guests and great policies. If you can’t make it, you can still follow along online: Like the Eastern Region Young Liberals on Facebook: And follow us on hashtag is #ERPP Hope to see lots ...

cultural sn:afu: Little Victor Update | Speed demon

Victor has been walking since April. Every day he gets more confident in his stride, and the motions get less jerky. Unfortunately the confidence is leading him to move at speeds he’s not quite ready for. Which means my son … Continue reading →

cultural sn:afu: The 2011 Liberal Party election results might count as ethnic cleansing

So… that was interesting. I, for one, am blown away at the collective humph to the nuts of the Liberal Party of Canada. It’s about time. The last fourteen years has been like being confined to a room with fans … Continue reading →

cultural sn:afu: The demolition of Vankleek Hill’s high school

Vankleek Hill Collegiate Institute (ESVCI), the high school I occasionally attended, sometimes for days in a row, is being slowly and finally demolished. When the school board finally announced Vankleek Hill would be getting a new school, to replace the … Continue reading →

cultural sn:afu: Victor takes his first walk

At the tender age of seventeen months, my son has started to walk. He has taken short steps before, about a month ago he taught himself how to appear to be walking while actually falling to the floor with less … Continue reading →