Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Final Assault on Medicare

It's been less than two months since the Cons let the Canada Health Accord expire. And the corpse is still warm.But I see that Stephen Harper is in a hurry, and has given the order to begin the second phase of his plan to kill medicare. Read more »

OPSEU Diablogue: Debate should be about better public care, not defending status quo

Dr. Danielle Martin calls it a “trap.” Opponents of Medicare argue that privatization or two-tier health care is the answer to the problems that face Canada’s health system. The trap is to get caught defending the status quo in that … Continue reading →

False positive: private profit in Canada's health care: Public Pay Public Benefits

The new graphic beside this post features logos from five corporations delivering essential medical services in Canada. The represent the reality of a broad range of for-profit companies benefiting from public payment for health services:the new focus of this blog. For the last year I have written on for-profit delivery in Canada’s medical laboratory services. While this ...