Dead Wild Roses: Through the Looking Glass

If this isn’t okay, then why is the converse considered acceptable.   Contemplate that, especially if you have problems believing that patriarchy exists or you have a firm belief that feminism has ‘come far enough’. Filed under: Radical Feminism Tagged: Double Standards, Patriarchy, Radical Feminism

Dead Wild Roses: All You Need to Know About How Equality Works in Society in 2 .gifs

The notion we have a fair playing field, a balance, whatever you’d like to call it is quite patently false.  We have not all just fallen out of some sort of Rawlsian simulator into a just society.  Injustice and anti-egalitarian ideals are normative in society, they are the water we swim in, the air we ...

LeDaro: Arnon Milchan: A U.S filmmaker , billionaire and also spy for Israel

Arnon Milchan was the first one who provided the necessary material to Israel to make its first atomic bomb. Why U.S, Canada and other Europeon nations not go after Arnon Milchan. When it comes to Iran they are all gung ho. Hypocrisy and double-standards.

LeDaro: U.S., Britain and Israel have used chemical weapons in the last 10 years

When the U.S, Britain and Israel uses these chemical weapons then it is okay. There is no repercussions. However, if any other country uses it then it is a crime against humanity. Hypocrisy and double talk. The U.S used chemical weapons against civilians in Iraq in 2004. Israel used chemical weapons against Palestinians repeatedly and there ...

LeDaro: Conrad Black has many friends in Canada

A journalist by the name of Peter Worthington opines that “Black is as Canadian as maple syrup”. Worthington says Black’s renunciation of Canadian citizenship was because of Jean Chretien. Mr. Worthington, Canada is composed of Canadians and Jean Chretien is not Canada as Harper is not Canada. Moreover, Black is a convicted felon. Now that ...